A war is brewing among the three castles of Ethanos. The devout citizens
and lords of Waburb Castle remain constant in their worship of the Old God,
Sarenrae, protector of the sun and all that it shines upon. The heretic lords of
Sethorp Castle preach of a New God, Gorum, whom they believe will bring
protection from the manifested troubles mankind allows. Finally, the neutral lords
of Chewe Castle warn of an oncoming darkness; whether the New God or the
Old God protect them is of little importance, they see the challenge of Sarenrae
as no threat, but as an opportunity of added protection. These religious differences
have spread influence across the world as the various city-states debate on what is
prophesized, and what is not. Speculation is all that has been made available to the
citizens of each castle, but one thing is clear— relations have been strained, and the
next political move could indeed be a declaration of war.


Exit Light, Enter Night.

Wulfman Sayonel Raukurk